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Jelly – Check Out The World’s Smallest 4G Smartphone

Jelly Smallest 4G SmartphoneSometimes you want the smallest smartphone around – Which is why Jelly exists. Jelly is the world’s smallest 4G smartphone that’s got some decent hardware powering it.

Jelly Smartphone Is Small But Powerful

Let’s get straight to the specs. The processor is a Quadcore with 1.1GHz. Internal storage is 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM or 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM (For the Pro model). The battery capacity is 950mAh. The camera is an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. The display size is 2.45 inches, and the pixel resolution is 240×432. There are dual sim card slots and Jelly works on the 4G LTE network. The gadget has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, G-Sensor, Compass, and Gyroscope.

Jelly’s body is 3.6 inches in height, 1.7 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick. The total weight of the smartphone is 60.4g (Including the battery). So, the device is tiny enough to fit into the coin pocket of your jeans. Perfect as a second phone when you go out, on holidays or any time a larger phone is a hassle (We have all had those times when our phone has not fit in our pockets comfortably).

Added Extras

Jelly has a micro SD card slot for up to 256GB added storage. The battery life is excellent, up to 3 days working time or 7 days of standby time (For the average user). This battery life is splendid if you are somewhere you cannot charge your phone regularly while travelling or having busy moments.

An added feature of the gadget is the armband. Due to the small size of Jelly, the phone fits into an armband easily for when you move around and workout. The armband goes over your upper arm and clips with ease.

The Android You Know

The OS is Android 7.0 Nougat. All the apps on the Google Play Store work on this device without a hassle. The essential apps work as you are used to them working. The phone comes in three colours, pearl white, space black or sky blue.

Jelly is on Kickstarter. A KS Special pack is $79 for the standard 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM and $95 for the 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM Pro. A double pack is $138 for the standard or $170 for the PRO. A triple pack is $207 for the standard and $255 for the Pro. 5 Jelly smartphones will set you back $425 for Pro. Ten phones will cost you $750. $10,000 will get you 100 Jelly Pro phones and a ticket to the head office in Shanghai.

Source: Kickstarter

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