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Google I/O celebrates milestone with new features and future plans

Google IO 2017Google I/O kicked off with a celebration, commemorating the launch and growth of their Android device, which has now reached two billion active monthly Android users. Some new announcements were made for the special occasion.

More Progress With Android Integration

The biggest announcement at Google I/O was about the progress with integration of Android as the platform for multiple devices. While not as sexy as some of the others that were talked about, it is certainly the farthest reaching.

Android is being installed on more devices than ever, and app downloads have reached into 82 billion. This is an incredible number considering the slow initial growth of the Android App catalog that used to lag behind iOS.

The Internet of Things is growing fast, as well. Google is trying to integrate themselves into every facet of our lives, from cable internet to household security systems. Android powers them all, and will continue to do so thanks to the focus on third person development.

Cars are another step forward, with Google Auto taking the wheel. This encompasses both their work with self driving cars, and entertainment systems installed in manual cars. Volvo announced a partnership set to be released next year that will use the latter.

Wearables are getting an Android update, and 24 manufacturers including Armani and New Balance now have their own version of Google powered smartwatches. This number is expected to grow, as smartwatches overtake fitness bands in popularity.

Chromebooks are becoming the computer of choice in the US for students in K-12, thanks to an initiative to help foster education changes. A full 60% of notebooks used in schools are now Android based, allowing for app downloads as well.

Chromecast was a big, if somewhat short lived, hit. Now Android TV’s are becoming the big trend, and Google will be improving their homescreen and features in the near future for a more userfriendly interface.

Android O and Developer Tools

Android O is coming by the end of the year, and there will be some changes to make it a more fluid and well rounded interface for users. This includes better movements and touchscreen swiping, picture in picture for multitasking, and easier copy/paste functions that takes us beyond the annoying click and drag for text.

New tools are also set to be provided for developers to take care of these and other improvements coming with Android O.

Google Lens

Last, we have Google Lens. This fascinating tool allows users to take a photo, and do a search for details.

It isn’t just an image search. Google Lens can tell what it is you are taking a picture of, and do a search for relevant details for things related to it. For example, if you took a picture of a flower it could tell you what it is, its Latin name, interesting facts about it, its uses in medicinal herbology, where to find it, and more.

If you take a photo of a restaurant, Google Lens can tell you the address, phone number, hours, and menu options.

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