Developers can now make voice apps for Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana AssistantMicrosoft has announced that they are launching a public preview of Cortana Skills Kit. This will allow developers to begin making their own voice activated applications for the digital assistant.

Cortana Skills Kit: Exciting News From Build 2017

The preview was launched as part of Build 2017, and it didn’t come as much of a surprise. Most manufacturers are encouraging developers to make voice activated apps, seeing the benefit of third party development in the expansion of the tech. Microsoft has been somewhat late to that game, as Google and Samsung have already been quick to turn to developers for their innovations.

Apple is still trailing behind, but they have always been more mercenary-minded with third party apps. We have all seen the impact of their anti-jailbreaking measures, a matter of controversy that continues as Apple keeps limiting developer reach.

Microsoft has always been pretty good about encouraging developers, as has been seen with their previews of past operating systems. Seeing it expand to their other tech is proof that they intend to continue the tradition of fostering a community among developers on the platform.

You can see compatible apps already released on the Cortana site, including big names like Dominoes, Progressive, and TuneIn.

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