ZeTime SmartWatch will feature a Hands over TouchScreen function

ZeTime SmartWatchThe ZeTime, available on Kickstarter, is a smartwatch that wants to go further than the competitors. What the device has that other don’t is the hands on the face, like a traditional watch. These hands use Smart Movement technology to tell the time or move to maximise screen usage.

What is ZeTime?

The main features of the ZeTime include a full-colour TFT touchscreen that makes using apps and reading notifications easy.  The watch itself is stylish with a 44mm stainless steel watch case designed in Switzerland. The watch face is protecting by Gorilla Glass. The mechanical hands always tell you the time, even if the screen isn’t on. The smart crown on the side controls the device’s apps and functions. An optical heart-rate sensor keeps track of your fitness using an ultra-accurate 3 LED optical sensor. The band is interchangeable with any 22mm watch band on the market. The ZeTime is water resistant up to 30 metres depth.

The mobile app for ZeTime works with Android 4.3+ and iOS. The app is the same on either device and syncs via Bluetooth. ZeTime comes with preloaded apps for sleep tracking, weather predictions, music remote control and camera.

The interface is easy to read and understand. Notifications and messages aren’t a hassle to view quickly. ZeTime allows for quick access, ease of navigation and style. There is a range of interfaces for you to choose from for your pleasure.

A daily assistant can help you in your day to day life, giving you tips and updates based on weather forecasts and calendars. Your steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes are calculated using a 3-axis accelerometer.

Pick Your Band

There are three watch collections available. The original edition has black, white and blue silicon straps. The premium collection has leather, denim, carbon and Nato bands. The elite smartwatches have a silver or black metal link band, or a Milanese band in pink-gold or silver.

Available on Kickstarter, the ZeTime original collection is currently $139 (Retail price is $199) for an early bird saving. A premium collection smartwatch is $160 (Retail price3 is $229), and the elite collection is $174 (Retail price is $249). All smartwatches come with on band of your choosing after the campaign has ended. Twin packs for the collections are available, with two original editions priced at $259, two premium versions for $298 and the elite collection is $324 for two. A store pack of 20 devices is $2800, and a distributor box of 40 is $4730.

Source: Kickstarter

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