Internet providers promise not to sell your info…but they totally could

NSA Spy ViewTrump is set to sign yet another executive order, this time undoing a regulation that would block internet providers from being able to mine and sell your information. But don’t worry, Comcast, Verizon and AT&T promise not to do that. They totally could, though.

The move is the latest in an avalanche of rules discarded under a nearly two-decades old, half forgotten law allowing regulations to be eliminated. The GOP majority Congress has been having a field day giving Trump orders to sign, of which he has been only happy to do. At least where his actions have not been overturned or blocked by that same group, or other branches within the trinity.

We Can See and Sell You

Unlike some of the others, this latest move has drawn criticism from all sides, not just the Left. Consumer protection agencies and groups have pointed out the very real possibility that ISP’s can use the lack of regulation to mine data and sell it, including personal information like web and search history, and emails.

The GOP claims this would never happens, but come on. We have watched this very real privacy violation in action, and this only gives further room to run rampant.

The ISP’s themselves have sworn that it isn’t their intention, and they won’t be doing so. But they have already been handing information to the government clear back in Bush’s era with the Patriot Act. And data mining for marketing is a standard for online businesses. ISP’s just happen to have greater reach.

So what we have is their assurance that the mining and sales won’t happen. But it means nothing, not in the scheme of things

Think about it: they say now they have no intention of doing this thing that will be totally legal to do. So, we go about our lives thinking we are covered. Then one day an article comes out from some whistleblower, or a hack takes place, and suddenly the news is out: they have been selling it all along.

What do the ISP’s do? Point to the law that allows them to do it. Sure, they said they weren’t going to do it. However, nothing is stopping them. It wouldn’t be the first time a company has white washed their past words, whether the excuse was a clever one, or not.

Do we really expect these massive monopolies, which have already greedily exploited every loophole to maintain profits and clutched the market in a stranglehold, to adhere to their word on this? If you think so, I have some mined data I wanna sell you.

Source: Fox 13

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