The Perfect Gadget for Selfies – The Selfly

Selfy CameraPeople love a selfie and drones, and a new gadget called Selfly is a drone that takes photos. Connect the case to your smartphone, control the device using the app, and take pictures that you could not before.

Selfly is an autonomous flying camera and a phone case. The use of Selfly is simple – Have the gadget on your phone, click off the camera when you want to take a photo, tell the drone what to do via an app and let the gadget do what it does.

 Details of the Selfly

The flight of this gadget is stable, with the aim being to create an invisible tripod. The Selfly is 9mm thick, so it is not going to end up making your phone bulge out of your pocket. iOS and Android phones are compatible, and there’s a case for any phone between 4 inches to 6 inches.

Communication is through Wi-Fi. Flight time is 5 minutes or 20 photos. The camera is 8MP with 1080p@30fps, can record HD video and live stream video. The device weighs 70gm. Video analysis controls can find faces, smiles or follow you around. The auto piloting stabilisation system makes sure the photos come out crystal clear.

 Amazing Device, Great Quality Images

The HD video recorded by Selfly is low quality until processed by the app. The user can change the settings to get the image or video they want before a final version goes to the phone in high resolution. Video and images remain as raw files in the gadget’s RAM for easy manipulation.

The case is a flip case that protects your phone well. The device can handle the rigours of day to day life without you needing to treat the gadget with softly (It is never good to get a device you cannot use because it is too fragile!). The gadget is available in black or white.

Extra goals have been reached to make this gadget better. A power back is available. The drone has facial recognition memory. A swivel lens to give users more range with their photos is a welcomed function. Audio ability with noise cancellation adds to the quality of the recordings.

There were different versions of the Selfly available on Kickstarter and now on Indiegogo. One Selfly camera kit is $99; One camera with two phone cases is $109; A supercharged kit with camera, phone case and power bank is $119; a double pack is $185; a triple pack is $260, and a family pack is $316.

Source: Kickstarter

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