Increase security on the go or at home with InvizBox VPN

InvizBoxSecurity is of mounting concern to internet users. Especially as more information is leaked about the capabilities of government agencies, and privacy violations by major companies. That doesn’t even account for other threats from fraudsters and identity thieves. Now you can protect yourself while on the go, or at home, thanks to IndiGoGo project InvizBox.

InvizBox: Protection and More

First and foremost, this is a virtual private network (VPN). It connects to either your home or public WiFi signal and uses encryption to scramble your data. Since private networks are vulnerable to data caching, this is a major concern for those who are frequently using public WiFi (which is most of ).

Third party support and “enhanced features” for Tor is also available for premium users. That provides another layer of security, particularly for activists, journalists, or anyone else who relies on anonymity to do a job.

Beyond privacy, there are a number of other features that make InvizBox unique:

  • Easy to use – No need for any software downloads. You just turn it on, it connects you to the chosen network, and you are done.
  • Battery backup – If your phone phone or tablet is low, it holds enough backup battery to charge either back to full.
  • Media access – No more worrying about media being blocked in your region. It will shield your IP from monitoring software locking you out of stream sites.
  • Wifi extender – Increase the range of your signal, whether public or home.
  • Ad blocker – A limited ad blocking service that works on most pages.
  • Long battery – Ten hours per charge means easier use during travel or work days.
  • Open source – The first 100% open source VPN of its kind.

These little wonders are already on their way to purchasers, so there is no wait for shipping. So far the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. It could become a new standard for VPN equipment being launched on crowdfunded markets. Certainly, it doesn’t seem like it will be long before we begin seeing them on actual store shelves, and being offered at online stores.

Right now, the best deal you can get is at the $399 mark. That may seem steep, but it includes lifetime premium VPN access, which normally you have to pay monthly for. Two years of service plus the device clocks in at $179, so it is worth just biting the bullet. Especially since the price of the monthly service will probably increase before too long.

Check it out!

Source: IndieGoGo

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  1. InvizBox Go creator here. Thanks for the review, guys! 🙂 Happy to answer any questions your readers may have

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