Bill Gates shares Microsoft’s Focus and Future

Bill GatesMicrosoft has been in the digital game a long time, and Bill Gates was there at the start. Gates is still there now, thinking and focusing on what’s happening now and what’s coming next. Currently, Gates is a board member, significant shareholder, and part-time technology adviser.

What Microsoft was once it now isn’t. For years, Windows was the primary operating system for desktops and laptops around the world; Microsoft Office was seemingly in every workplace and on every computer; A lot of people’s learning in the digital world was on Windows PCs, their first steps into this technology accompanied by the Windows start up chime.

Microsoft, Business and Office

Gates see the Office suite of software as one of the keys to Microsoft’s success. Office has been a mainstay in business, educational institutes, and homes around the world. Even though that is a range of free options that do the basics well, Microsoft has something special with Office.

While Microsoft has not had much luck with Windows Phones, they have been able to find their way onto mobile devices with Office apps like Word, Outlook and OneNote. Another way Microsoft have been able to grow is by utilizing the cloud. While the number of users on Windows machines is less than before, there’s still many people who will go their entire lives using this OS.

Microsoft has connected with LinkedIn, and want to be business-centric like other technology companies are not. If Apple’s motto is ‘Think Differently’, Microsoft’s could be ‘Think Individually’. According to Gates, Microsoft’s emphasis is to help “business customers get up to that cloud with all the unique requirements they have.”

Communications and the Cloud

Gates says that Microsoft is focusing on deep learning and using natural language to expand their software features. Back when Gates started, communicating with a computer was done in an unorthodox style. Computers have had to evolve communication capacities to allow anyone to use them. The Windows OS opened a world of computing to people who did not want to learn a new language or way of communicating with a machine. That is something that Microsoft still want to do – Improve communication between humans and machines.

Gates says on communication, “When you go to look at communications you should not have to just look at an un-timed order fashion, you should trust that it is understanding of you and the context and priorities are there. However, only by reading that text will we do that, so there’s a frontier here that’s very exciting. Rajesh Jha, Harry Shum, a lot of the key people under Satya are grabbing onto that, and some particular opportunities around that are where the resources are being shifted.”

Source: GeekWire

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  1. I would love to see Microsoft stick around for a long long time.  But in order for it to succeed the Windows App Store has to succeed.

    The App Store now has MOST of the essential apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Starbucks, Instagram, Pandora, Tune-In, Messenger, Viber, Hulu, Netflix, iHeart Radio, Word, Excel, Skype, OneDrive, Twitter, Uber, Audiobooks from Audible, USA Today… however… it still can be frustrating when there is a particularly helpful app NOT on the store. For example there is no: Mint, Voxer, Snapchat, hardly any banks or credit card companies, no online trading account apps.

    That’s why I started a petition on to at least bring a decent personal finance app to the Windows store: Please support the petition and urge Microsoft to finish the job on the App Store.

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