GoTube: How to reimagine the Scooter in 2017

GoTube ScooterThe GoTube reimagines what a scooter is. Portable, light and packed with features, this gadget is great for travelling in a city. The design is minimalist and slick, with the scooter folding up into a tube that’s easy to carry and store.

GoTube’s Specs and Features

The weight of the GoTube is 12.8 Lbs (5.9 kg) with a 330 Lbs (150 kg) capacity. The scooter is powered by a 36V 4Ah battery that lasts up to 12 kilometres. The motor is 120 watts and can handle inclines of up to 10 degrees with ease. The dimensions of the scooter are 743 mm x 415 mm x 927 mm. When folded as a tube the dimensions are 743 mm x 137 mm x 97 mm. The tire diameter is 88.9 mm.

The features of the GoTube include carbon fibre body; a range of 12km; a capacity of 150kg; a top speed of 16 km/h; can go up inclines of 10 degrees; has a USB port for charging digital devices like smartphones and tablets; Charges in two hours; Has two speed modes; The front and rear wheels have shock absorbers; has a tachometer to control speed; comes with a carry case; has a night mode for night riding.

The Hardware

The hardware on the GoTube includes a reduction gear; acceleration gear; dashboard; aluminium telescopic rod; lock; logo light; carbon fibre cover; LED light; front damping; sandpaper; rear wheel lift mechanism; rear light; and rear damping.

The GoTube will be useful for students and workers in the city or who travel short distances each day. Being able to charge your phone while on the move is handy. The size of the scooter means that charging at work or home wouldn’t be too difficult. Or even stopping at a café and charging the scooter as you have a coffee.

The GoTube is available on Kickstarter for a Super Early Bird special of $279; The Early Bird special is $299; A Kickstarter Special is $319; A Kickstart Special for two gadgets is $588, $1450 for five and $2850 for ten. The recommended price when the Kickstarter promotion is finished will be $499.

Source: Kickstarter

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