CES 2017: Have an Adventure with Garmin’s New Fenix 5 Series

Garmin Fenix 5 SeriesGarmin is releasing a new range of multisport GPS wearable range. The models are the fēnix 5, fēnix 5S and fēnix 5X. These gadgets are designed to go the distance and get you to your destination.

What The Garmin Fenix 5 Does

The new Fenix range can calculate a range of metrics. Pace, distance and speed are measured using GPS and the GLONASS system. Other features that measure your metrics include – a three-axis compass; gyroscope; barometric altimeter; optical heart sensor; all day fitness tracking (Steps, calories burned, active minutes and sleep). All devices are water-rated to 100 meters.

This data is sent to the app, available on iOS and Android. The device can receive notifications, calls, text and email when connected via Bluetooth. To customise the face of the Fenix 5, users can play around with Connect IQ. Connect IQ gives users the ability to change apps, widgets, data fields and watch faces. Your favourite photos can be can be used as the watch face using the Face It app.

The Fenix 5’s design is a sophisticated and smooth. The QuickFit band gives users the ability to change their wristband quickly. No special tool is needed, and you can have a different look quickly.

Different Models for Different People

The Fenix comes in 3 sizes – 42mm, 47mm and 51mm. The smallest version is the Fenix 5S comes in comes in silver with either a white, turquoise or black silicone band and a mineral glass display. Battery life for the 5S is eight days of normal usage or 13 hours If you use the heart monitor and GPS.

The 5 comes in the same colours as the 5S, but has longer battery life (Two weeks of regular usage and 20 hours with the heart tracker and GPS on).

The 5X comes loaded with TOPO US (For mapping, cycling maps, round trip run and round trip ride planning), Around Me (Information on what’s around you), and the multisport toolset. Battery life is 20 days of normal usage and 20 hours of use with the heart tracking and GPS on.

A special Sapphire model is available for all devices. The Sapphire models have Wi-Fi and a scratch resistant lens.

The new gadgets are better than the previous devices. Good for adventurers and active types, sophisticated yet rugged. The Garmin Fenix 5S is $700; the 5 $600 and 5X is $700. The range will be available in March.

Source: Garmin

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