Daplie Cloud project makes secure personal servers a reality

Daplie CloudDaplie Cloud project from IndieGOGO has made it possible for every the layman who doesn’t understand servers to have one of their own.

Cloud services have become the standard for content and data storage, and as mobile manufacturers in particular limit on board storage, it becomes a necessity. But the laws regarding ownership and what can be done with that data are murky at best. While you may retain the copyrights to your data, their ability to share or use it could be harder to gauge. Which is why a new crowdfunded set of personal servers may offer a solution.

Daplie Cloud Plug and Play Servers

Plenty of people have their own servers. But for the layman who isn’t so versed in those techy pursuits, it can seem intimidating to try and maintain their own. How do they even go about starting one? Cloud is a solution for anyone who is afraid to go through the process of launching a server, or just for anyone who wants to simplify the process.

It is easy: plug it in, upload, transfer. That is it. You can download your content while away from the device as well, as long as you have a stable connection and your phone, laptop, or tablet. Your personal cloud will protect your information without any third party restrictions, fees, or giving other people the ability to wander through your data. Plus it is stackable storage.

Accessibility For Everyone

Perhaps what makes these servers so unique is their accessibility. In the tech world there is a bit of a hierarchy system, where the more educated tech enthusiasts will like certain products, while others are made for more casual people who need a user friendly system.

Cloud is meant for anyone, of any level. It was made to be quick and easy to use, by just plugging it in and accessing the system from any nearby device selected. But it is also appropriate for developers who want a simple, powerful, and secure sever that they can access from anywhere.

In the end, the main reason for this device is to secure your data on your own. The fact that we are now getting clouds that offer greater privacy is fantastic, and it is about time. The layman isn’t going to be able to create their own servers (or at least won’t have the drive to). This makes greater data security and access a reality for the majority of users.

You can still pick up the Early Bird offer of Cloud + 2TB right now for just $300.

Source: IndieGOGO

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  1. typo: “Daplie Cloud project from IndieGOGO has made it possible for every the layman who doesn’t understand servers to have one of their own.”

    after every it goes every… thee layman looks like you need a “one” meaning everyone.

    I may be wrong but it does not seem to read correctly.

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