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A day in History: 10 Years since Apple released the iPhone

Steve Jobs Apple iPhoneApple fans and smartphone lovers can mark today as one of the most influential days in the history of consumer technology. Ten years ago today the iPhone was unleashed, changing the face of mobile tech, and launching Apple back from the brink of irrelevancy.

The Near Death Of Apple

Apple has always been a major contender in computing, in large part due to Steve Jobs and his humble to not-so-humble beginning and meteoric rise. But in a world dominated by the more efficient PC, Mac computers failed to catch the attention of consumers in the way Microsoft had. Their fans were a very particular kind of tech owner, and that limited their scope.

For years they seemed as though they may fall completely. That is, until the launch of a new line of popular computers, and another new device known as the iPod. Expensive and niche, it was not expected to make the impact it did. But thanks to its innovative features, storage capabilities and user friendly interface, it was a massive hit. Between the two lines, Apple was bigger than ever.

Which led to the big release that would change the face of Apple forever.

Apple’s iPhone: a Game Changer

In a 2007 speech, Steve Jobs made a legendary move that would forever change the face of mobile technology. He announced that they would be taking an iPod, a mobile phone, and an internet hub and putting it all together into one device. This was the iPhone, and it was something no one had seen before.

There were many false starts before they got it right. But finally came Project Purple, which was originally meant to be two iPhone, one of which would be a Mini. You will recognize that format from the iPod Mini. But that never panned out, and instead a single device was released and met with roaring praise and profits.

Since then we have had multiple iPhone incarnations. The first several came with massive shifts in features that always kept people guessing. Since the fingerprint reader of the iPhone 5, the changes have been less spectacular. Now with the iPhone 7, it is hard to distinguish it from the iPhone 6.

Part of this is the tragic (and too soon) death of Steve Jobs. Though his team is responsible for the bulk of the success of Apple products in today’s world, Jobs was an innovator. He pushed his team, demanded uniqueness, and didn’t accept anything less.

The iPhone, his legacy, will live on.

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