Control your house with SevenHugs Smart Remote

SevenHugs Smart RemoteThere’re remotes to control this, and that and the other. The joke in sitcoms before was that there were too many remotes – But now, there’s even more. Just about everything in the home has a remote now. Sevenhugs saw this problem and figure a solution. The Sevenhugs Smart Remote: The First Remote or Everything.

To start with, the Smart Remote works with lights, TV/media, speakers, thermostats, cams, blinds, fans, locks, sockets, smart hubs, weather, IFTTT, Uber and about 25,000 other devices. That’s control of your entire house in the palm your hand.

Point and Control Technology combines with a 9-axis motion sensor. The Smart Remote can sense where you are in proximity to your devices in 3D space. You can point at a fireplace and turn up the heat, for example.

A Smart Remote pack comes with a Smart Remote, charging base and three room sensors. The room sensor cover rooms up to 1,000 sqft (100m2) in size and can be painted to match the room. Best performance in hand when the sensors are 7ft (2m) high.

Apps are available for iOS and Android phones. The app allows users to set up and control the functions on the remote.

The display is a 3.43” HD touchscreen.  The screen is Dragontrail damage and scratch resistant cover glass that is anti-glare and fingerprint. The full remote measures 5.31” by 1.61”. Thickness is 0.38”. The back is a soft silicon to be comfortable in the hand. Charging is via the quick USB-C. There is an ARM Cortex M4 single-core 200MHz with 32MB RAM.

The charging base is 2.6” in diameter and 0.51” in height. The lost and found button is found easily on the top.

The sensors are 2.52” in diameter and 0.63” in height. 2xAAA batteries power the sensors and come in the pack. The sensor includes the indoor positioning system; accelerometer; gyroscope; compass; ambient light sensor; and infrared transceiver.

A super early bird special of 50% of is still available for one Smart Remote ($149). A ten pack is $1,7999. A Rockstar pack that includes dinner with the Sevenhugs team in SF or Paris is $777. A partner pack is $4,999.

Source: Kickstarter

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