Say Bonjour To The Smartest Alarm Clock

Bonjour Smart Alarm ClockAlarm clocks aren’t the favourite device found in the bedroom. They’re usually not being smart, being loud and annoying to wake you up each morning. But, the Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock has artificial intelligence inside. This AI means that Bonjour is does more than just wake you up.

Always Listening, Always Learning

Bonjour is thoughtful and analytical. The AI inside the device learns your sleeping habits, connects to a range of wearable devices and to online calendar services (Like Google Calendar). What Bonjour can do goes beyond that, though.

Real time traffic data can be accessed to plan your trip to work and wake you accordingly, a sleep coach helps to improve your sleep, weather is analysed and activities suggested (If you didn’t reach your step count one day, the next day Bonjour could suggest you go for a run because the weather is fine and your schedule allows free time).

Communicating Bonjour is designed to be as close to a human experience as possible. The device speaks to you in a natural conversation. The AI can improve its language skills as it gets to know you. Other smart devices (Like the Amazon Alexa, WeMo, lights, cameras, security and climate control) can be controlled and automated with this device.

Automate Your Mornings

Basically, Bonjour can have your wake up automated. Using the IFTTT (If that, then this) protocol, so much is able to be set up to be done. You can set up your smart home to run different themes to create your own experience.

An app is available for Android and iOS devices. The app connects to third party apps to sync your accounts together. Some syncable accounts include Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, Pandora, Google, Apple, Fitbit, WeMo, Pebble, Amazon Alexa, Instagram, Facebook, Box, Instapaper and many more.

The size of the device is 5.3 inches in diameter x 3 inches deep and weighs 1.6 pounds; The screen is a colourful HD display; the voice recognition system has two stereo microphones, beam forming technology and noise cancellation: the audio hardware is a 5 watt stereo speaker system – 2 premium speaks, 2 inch tweeters and passive bass radiator; the processor is the Cortex A15 processor with 2GB RAM; the languages available are English and French (German and Spanish are due in 2017).

In short, Bonjour is closer to a personal assistant than an alarm clock.

Prices for the Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock are: $119 for one, $219 for two.

Source: Kickstarter

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