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Trump somehow did it…here is what it means for tech companies

Tech EyeThere is no way of avoiding the disdain that will drip from this statement: the US has elected President Donald Trump. As many of us (indeed around the globe, but perhaps most of all so many of us in America) swallow back out bile, let’s take a look at what that means for the tech industry.

Trump: I’ve Got Another Puzzle For You

Not surprisingly, the tech world as a whole has been blown back by this unfathomable win. Almost unanimously, companies spoke out against The First Oompa Loompa President with voices raised.

The sentiment hasn’t changed. Social media was filled with shocked tweets from CEOs, startup founders, and influential people in the tech world that had feared such an eventuality. Now they are rallying, and the message is clear: he won’t get their support.

So far the hope is that startups will be largely unaffected by this turn of events. After all, many are bootstrapped in the beginning, with capital raised later through independent companies and investors. But there is no denying the potential threat to software markets, especially those on a smaller scale. Trump isn’t exactly educated on the economic front, nor have his companies survived his multiple disasters.

The bigger threats by far are in three areas: education, net neutrality, and science literacy. He has already made it clear he intends to cut funding for education (what kind of anidiot is actually anti-education), and he has no scientific literacy himself that has been shown through the election.

As for net neutrality, he hasn’t said much on it. But he is a mercenary capitalists, so it isn’t hard to see which way the wind is blowing. He has also wanted to fine journalists for saying mean things about him, so you can see his view of free speech, as well.

In the end, everything is threatened under this nightmare of an presidency. Something that his followers and supporters are likely going to see before too long. Don’t even get my started on his lack of discussion on cyber security, future tech sponsorship, space exploration, or anything else even vaguely tech related.

America, as an American I would like to say that your lack of long term risk assessment is astonishing. If you think the tech industry will be the only one to suffer – and it will suffer – from this decision, there is a harsh reality ahead for you.

P.S. No, I won’t apologize for the Oompa Loompa jokes. If he didn’t want to be orange, he shouldn’t have used so much fake tanner.

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  1. I don’t know how Donald Trump did it but I think in his presidency things won’t get that bad as you think.

    ps. I wish that Clinton won, I’m with her.

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