Let the digital butler L.U.C.Y. connect your family

Lucy Digital ButlerLooking for something to connect your home to the internet of things? Check out L.U.C.Y. the digital butler. The device seems like a tablet, but with something different happening on the inside.

Let L.U.C.Y. Organise and Connect Your Family

L.U.C.Y. wants to help organise your life. Learning your family’s daily routines, keeping track of appointments and communicating between family members are features of this device. Users can interact with the digital butler to get information or take cooking classes in their home.

L.U.C.Y. can see using an HD cam; be heard and understand using Alexa Voice Services from Amazon’s Alexa Skill Kit; learn and assist you and your family at home; the device has a touch screen; Family members can share calendars, shopping lists and more with each other.

The features included with L.U.C.Y. are varied with room from evolution. The device is a music player, news and media outlet, a video message device and has weather and traffic reports at the ready. This digital butler is a tool that could make your life less stressful and more organised.

More Than a Picture on the Wall

Mounted on the wall, L.U.C.Y. doesn’t just sit there looking out of place. The display can be set to show a photo or a slideshow. If art is your thing, the device can have a slideshow of some of your favourite artworks. A feature called Crayon gives you the ability to leave digital notes for your family that have the personal touch of being hand written.

A companion app is available for download on iOS and Android. This app gives you the ability to control and communicate with L.U.C.Y. when away from home.

The list of digital items L.U.C.Y. can connect to is growing. Nest, Devolo, Belkin, SmartThings, Spotify, Wink, IFTTT, Hue, Calendars, DropCam, Fitbit, Yo Mama, Akinator, Uber, Lyft, The Bartender, Kayak, Dominos, 7-Minute Workout, My Translator, Honeywell, Vivint, Lifx, August Home, Yonomi, Alarm, Sensi, Nexia, Insteon, Home Advisor, Stub Hub and more to come.

There are two versions of L.U.C.Y. available – Touch and non-touch screen. A 15-inch non-touch screen is €149. Non-touch 17-inch is € 199. A 15-inch touch screen version is € 243. € 279 gets you a 24-inch non-touch version. A 17-inch touch version is € 359. €449 for non-touch 27-inch. €479 for 24-inch touch screen. €675 gets you the top 27-inch touch version.

Source: Kickstarter


  1. Chis Bear

    You might want to do a follow up story on how they scammed all the kickstarter and inigogo backes out of there money.

  2. Chis Bear

    You might want to do a follow up story on how they scammed all the kickstarter backers out of there money.

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