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Human SoundBluetooth earphones are good for a lot of reasons. No cables to tangle or break, freedom to move away from your device, simple to connect to whatever you use to play music. Human is taking the evolution of portable music further with Sound.

What is Human Sound?

Sound is an earphone with the design of the ear for the ear.  Think of it like a glove for the ear; the device doesn’t go inside your ear but around. Human’s aim is to create an extension of the ear. The size of the earphones means that there’s more space for hardware. Inside is a proprietary speaker assembly system and advanced PCB.

The battery life is unmatched. The earphones can last all day; over twice as long as the closest competitor. If you’re travelling long distances or going to be without charge for the day, Human have created something with a lasting battery capacity. Charging is done using a wireless induction charging pad.

The Features of Human Sound

Sound has six modes for the wearer to enjoy:

  • Social is just as the name suggests, design for multiple listeners to share the listening experience.
  • Fade uses built-in microphones to control external sound. The wearer can choose to lower or raise the volume of what’s happening in the world around.
  • Amplify turns the earphones into a loud speaker. Amplify and Social can be used together with multiple Sound devices.
  • Speak can translate seven different languages, allowing wearers to communicate in a bilingual conversation.
  • Active is for users who want information on their health and fitness.
  • Sleep isolates noise using rhythms, tracks your sleep cycle and wakes you with your preferred playlist or alarm. The device can record accurate stats on heart rate and physical activity, sharing this information in real time to your smartphone.

Human Sound EarphoneThese features are all accessed through the app. The app is available on iOS and Android. The device is controlled by touch allowing you to change the volume, pause, play, skip or reply tracks or accept and reject calls with your finger.

The earphones come in four colours, black, silver, grey and white. There are four sizes available. Your size is found using the Sound app and putting your ear to the phone.

Human Sound is currently 50% off on Indiegogo. A single set of earphones is $200. Beta testing packages for Active and Sleep are $500, and Speaker is $800. Five pairs are $900, and an Influencer Package is $1500.

Source: IndieGOGO

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