Inside Google G Suite and its machine learning system

Google G SuiteGoogle’s Apps for Work has a new name, G Suite. G Suite at the moment is more of a mission than a reality. What Google wants to do is create the ultimate suite of office apps using your data. What sets Google apart is the access to emails, calendars, search and other information. More people use Microsoft Office, but Google’s Gmail, Calendar, and search beat Microsoft’s offerings for popularity.

G Suite and Machine Learning

G Suite wants to be an intelligent office suite. Google has had good results with AI, creating a machine that beat a human at the game of Go and being able to translate languages on the fly. So, the company plans to use the AI technology it has to create a different kind of office experience.

Quick Access to Google Drive on Android is a nifty new feature. Files pop up based on who and what you’re speaking about with team members. Information is read from your calendar to let you know if there’s any file you need to see.

The calendar looks to get more intuitive. Meeting times are analysed and future appointments set to optimised times. If you like to meet at this time, G Suite will remember.

Sheets, Slides, and Docs will have machine learning features added to their functionality. Users will be about to use natural sounding English to explore spreadsheets in Sheets. Slides will offer design tips and ideas based on what you’re creating. Docs will remind you to backup, find images to make inserting files easier.

Early Adopter Program

Team Drives will make collaboration easier for teams. New team roles are designed to give a more nuanced variation of content management. Team Drives is available in an Early Adopter Program.

Hangouts also have an upgrade available through the Early Adopter Program. The interface will be able to handle up to 50 video participants to get together on Hangouts. Users won’t need to download an or a plugin to use this app. Connecting and using Hangouts is made easier by allowing anyone to join from any device without an account or data connection.

Many of the new features in G Suite are tiny adjustments. Machine learning has made a lot of promises with how it can improve work and life, but so far no one’s been able to create something with a “wow” factor for consumers. Hopefully, G Suite can live up to its promise.

Source: Google Blog

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