Get better underwater shots with Fathom One HD drone

Fathom One HD DroneEasily accessible, affordable air drones are becoming a common sight on the market these days. But Fathom One is something altogether new and different: a drone that works underwater, delivering high definition images and video beneath the deep.

Fathom One Takes Us Under The Water

This waterproof drone is made to withstand elements common within bodies of water, both lake and sea. While it isn’t the first time it has been done, it is the first to be this simple to use, and cheap.

Using removable pieces you can adjust the thrusters to your specifications. It clicks right into place, so no fusing with complicated pieces that require special tools.

It connect to a tether that is buoyant and extendable, so it can travel over further distances without getting lost or weighted down beyond its capacity to retrieve.

The reinforced shell allows for depths up to 150 feet. The high definition camera shoots in 1080, and there are side rails for attachments.

Easy Use

It isn’t hard to use the Fathom One. You simply sync your mobile device, and explore from any dry spot using your phone. You can then share footage, either sending it to others, uploading it to social media sites, or saving it onto your cloud.

There are a couple of draw backs, but they are common to most drones. For example, you can only run it for up to an hour per charge. It also only comes with 100 feet of tether, which won’t reach the 150 foot capability. Though given the risks at that depth to the camera/body that might be a good thing.

On the plus side, it has its own built in LEDs, which are very bright. So you don’t have to increase the weight (it weighs 4.5 lbs) with further LED lights while exploring.

Getting Your Own Fathom One Drone

The Kickstarter campaign has already gone over its goal with 20 days to spare at the time of this writing. Orders are estimated for shipping in June 2017 for their Early Bird.

It is a good time to grab it early for $499, which is $100 off the price it will be on release. Sadly their $200 off deal has already been closed thanks to the maximum of backers being reached. If you hurry, there are still 60 slots left.

I am super excited that underwater drones are becoming popular. As someone obsessed with lakes in particular, I would love to be able to head out on the family boat and send this little guy swimming through on a calm day.

Source: Kickstarter

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