Control the DSLR shot with UNLEASHED gadget

UnleashedThere always seems to be some way to get more features onto a digital device than originally thought. UNLEASHED is a device found on Kickstarter that changes how you interact with a DSLR camera. A tiny device that can change how you create using your camera without needing to upgrade.


So, what is UNLEASHED? A simple idea to give you the ability to control your DSLR camera through your smartphone. Stick it on your camera. Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Use the app to change flash settings, white balance, ISO settings, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation and whatever other settings your camera has.

This is great for photographers who want to be in the shot or need to be elsewhere. You can set up a scene using UNLEASHED from your smartphone while you’re filming a scene. Video recording can be triggered without touching the camera. Very useful if you need to set the scene in a different area while filming.

Images taken with your camera are sent to your smartphone straight away. Quickly check the image to see if you need to do any tinkering with the settings and go from there. Photographers who love time-lapse imagery will benefit from UNLEASHED. Interval shooting and controlled exposure ramping gives you more power to get the perfect shot.

The App and More

Using a few cameras at once? The UNLEASHED app is able to control up to six cameras at once. Perfect if you’re lacking in helpers but have a lot of creativity. Settings can be synced, recordings can be timed and all you need is an iOS or Android smartphone.

One of the best things about UNLEASHED is that it doesn’t need to be charged. It’s plug and plays straight away. You can put the device on your DSLR and forget it’s there. The design keeps the hot shoe free so you can use your usual external devices (Flash, LED panels or shotgun mics).

UNLEASHED is available for Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras. There are three versions for Nikon and two for Canon. Not all features are available for all cameras. An early bird special of €109 will get you one of the first UNLEASHED devices. If you miss that, the next level is €129 for an individual device. €239 gets a twin pack and a pack of five is €539.

Source: Kickstarter

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