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What you need to know about Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Watch 2 and EarPods

Apple iPhone 7 Jetblk AirpodApple events are always big news in the tech world. This one was pretty hyped up, with fans awaiting news on the much anticipated iPhone 7. That, among a number of other unveilings, finally hit this week.

Here is a rundown of some of the more exciting updates from the brand.

iPhone 7 Gets the Plus Treatment

Of course the biggest news: the newest Apple iPhone.

First of all, for those of us who can’t be trusted with a smartphone without an accident, it is sturdier. Learning from other manufacturers and their increase in durability, the iPhone 7 will be the first in the series to be both water and dust resistant.

The next big improvement is said to be the dual camera system. Anyone who has had an iPhone knows that their cameras are nothing to write home about. For a long time, that didn’t matter because people didn’t rely on their smartphones that much for such things. It was secondary.

Now you have actual movies being filmed entirely on iPhones. Instagram and Snapchat are massive. Having a really advanced camera is a necessity if you want to sell your devices. Apple is clearly taking note of the competition in that regard.

The  12 MP back camera will offer ƒ/1.8 aperture, image stabilization, and 6-element lens for clearer, more controlled shots. Their new image software allows the camera itself to fully separate back and fore images to create better portraits that they claim will be similar to those taken on high end DSLR cameras.

As for the front camera, the 7 MP will come with image stabilizer, and they say better full color capture. Will that makes it better than past models? Let’s hope so, as Facetime and other video chat isn’t exactly amazing in comparison to other manufacturer’s models (I would Skype on an Android over an Apple any day of the week, and I have an iPhone).

The next big news is probably the battery life, which is said to be longer thanks to two high-efficiency cores that take up less resources and battery to run features. This is in spite of an impressive CPU, via the new A10 Fusion chip.

All of that should go towards better streaming and gameplay. With the hit of games like Pokemon Go, battery life is a big concern. Nearly everyone who plays on an iPhone was quick to point out how quickly it zapped the phone’s energy. An issue also found with streaming media…even listening to podcasts drains most iPhones.

In addition to the iPhone 7, there will also be an iPhone 7 Plus. Following the trend of the iPhone 6 Plus, it is pretty much an iPhone 7 that is bigger. So if you are one of those people who wants your screens to be larger by a small degree, there is something for you.

Two things that aren’t being addressed in the new models are the two issues I think are most annoying for most iPhone users: the abysmal design of iTunes and being forced to use it for individual media, and no expandable storage. Both could be dealbreakers for those who aren’t Apple fanatics, as the company continues to test people’s patience with their greed.

And yes, it is greed. If you can’t easily get access to your media you already own, you are more likely to buy a digital copy via iTunes. If you want more storage, you are going to splurge on the bigger (more expensive) model.

Transparent, annoying, and not at all catering to the needs or desires of their fanbase.

The Wireless Headphones Debate Rages On

Apple AirpodsSpeaking of greed, the latest mercenary move to corner a market is the rumored removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and Plus. This is a trend that is being replicated by companies like Samsung, and I am not sure it will be successful for anyone.

Yes, the headphone jack can cause problems when it becomes damaged. But does anyone really want to keep track of wireless headphones? Especially if they are able to make it so that their brand, the ridiculously priced ($159) AirPods, are the only ones compatible?

Apple doesn’t even like people jailbreaking their software. Imagine their tantrum when the AirPod ripoffs start flooding the market for $10 a pop.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch 2The Apple Watch Series 2 is also on the agenda. There was less to report here: it is still a glorified watch/fitness tracker. It is now waterproof, like the FitBit already was. It has GPS, like most models already do. And now you can play Pokemon Go on it, so if that is important enough for you to spend that much, go for it.

It will run a third release version of the software, which seems pretty much identical to second release. You my note my lack of enthusiasm, but the Apple Watch isn’t that cool.

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