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Teal DroneWatching the evolution of drones is interesting for tech lovers. Drones are a growing industry that is giving young people a chance to explore the technology. Teal is a drone company started by George Matus, an 18-year-old lover of drones. Matus’ love of drones started at 11, saw him become a professional drone racer and test pilot, and now is releasing a consumer drone that is like a racecar with 4K video.

Why Is The Teal Drone Different?

Teal’s drone can flip, dive and perform barrel rolls while getting up to 85 miles per hour. Matus’ also designed his drone to be a computer, just a flying device. The Teal drone contains a Nvidia TX1. This gives the drone the ability to fly autonomously, recognise images and machine learning. According to Matus, “It’s basically a supercomputer inside your drone. You could plug this thing into a monitor and play PC games if you wanted.”

The Teal Drone is tougher than other drones. Winds of 40 miles an hour aren’t a worry. Rain or snow don’t stop the drone. There’s also the aim of a full range of third-party apps to be available for the Teal drone. A push to get the unit into the hands of developers are hackathons and maker fairs hopes to see the API taken advantage of.

Innovating The Industry

Drones are an area that has the potential for a lot of growth. The question of what can drones be used for beyond what they currently are is one where innovation can be found. The future of drones is being created and defined by people like Matus, start-ups like Lily and 3D Robotics and how well they can read the requirements of consumers and industry.

There’s still a few bugs to iron out, though. The guidance systems need to be completed and the prototype doesn’t have a 4K camera ready yet. There’s also an issue with drift while hovering. These bugs will hopefully be ironed out, as the premise of the world’s fastest and toughest drone is an exciting prospect.

The Teal drone won’t come cheap. Pre-orders have been made available. Customers can expect to pay $1,299 per unit. Delivery of the drone is aimed to be around Christmas 2016.

Source: Teal

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