WWDC 2016: The evolution of Apple iOS 10

Apple iOS 10This week during WWDC 2016, we all discovered that Apple is doing a major overhaul of its iOS with the new iOS 10. Now let’s get straight into the details.

iOS 10 is going to be more open to developers than previous versions. Siri, Maps and Messages will give developers the chance to expand upon Apple’s native apps. This will give the user more capabilities and the chance to do more with their apps than before.

Features of iOS 10

Siri is evolving in iOS 10. The Apple TV remote app will have the same possibilities as the Siri remote. This means the Apple TV remote app will have voice control and use Siri’s skills to navigate Apple TV. Contextual awareness will mean that Siri is more intelligent to your life and what’s around you. Using location, contact information, recent addresses and other information, Siri is growing into some form of AI/bot. Deep learning is growing and Siri is taking advantage of this.

Lock Screens, the Home Screen and Notifications

The lock screen is changing in iOS 10. A Raise to Wake feature will mean less time navigating to apps and more time using apps. This feature turns on the screen when you lift up the iPhone so you straight away see the notifications and updates.

Notifications and updates will give you more information than before. Users will interact with apps on the lock screen in a new way using 3D Touch. Messages will be able to be sent from the lock screen and notifications read in more detail. The Control Centre on the lock screen has been given a more minimal design. The main controls will be found on the initial screen. A swipe to the right will bring up information on the music you’re listening to.

The home screen has been improved in iOS 10. Using 3D Touch, users won’t have to open an app to get the information they want. Simple information like live scores and video highlights on the ESPN app will be there quicker than they have been. There won’t be a need to open the app, waiting for it to load to get to what you want.


Photos are evolving as well. Using deep learning and AI, iOS 10 is allowing for new object and scene detection. This gives Photos the ability to be searched more specifically and have your images sorted in new ways automatically. Photos that are connected by trip, date or event will be clustered together. Highlight reels will be edited together, which is a feature that brings more enjoyment to photos. Memories is a feature that will connect images together so you can enjoy past moments in your spare time. The AI that Apple uses in Photos remains on the Apple device itself.

Maps, Music and News

Apple Maps is growing into something amazing. A new design makes Maps more proactive and predictive. Navigation improvements mean that traffic conditions will be considered and alternative routes to avoid traffic jams. Users will be able to look up restaurant suggestions, make a reservation, book a car using Uber, Lyft or a different service (Depending on your location) and track your ride. Basically, Maps will take you from start to finish of your journey. Maps will connect to Apple Car Play and will channel directions into your car’s instrument cluster (If you have Apple Car Play in your instrument cluster). The UI of Maps has evolved to be cleaner and more minimalist to avoid distractions.

Apple Music is being redesigned to be almost new. The interface will be made simpler for users to navigate around. At the bottom will remain the usual tabs – Library, For You, Browse, Radio and Search. A new addition will be Lyrics for users who are interested in the words of a song.

Apple News is getting a new interface design as well. It’s looking like it will be similar to the new Music interface. Breaking new notifications and in-app subscriptions will be new in Apple News.

Homekit, Messages and Phone Apps

Apple Home is a new app being introduced in iOS 10. Connecting to Apple HomeKit, users will be able to control connected and compatible accessories from their iPhone or iPad. The Control Centre will have options for the HomeKit that can be accessed on the lock screen. Support for the HomeKit will be available from the Apple Watch as well.

Messages and the Phone app are getting upgrades. Voice messages will be able to be read in text through the Phone app. Unknown numbers will be recognised as spam callers. Videos will be able to be played through Messages. Words will be able to be changed to emojis with a touch.

Users will be able to remove stock apps they don’t want. Mail, calendar, weather and Stocks will be user controlled. End to end encryption is something Apple was pushing. Deep learning information will be kept on your device and not in a cloud for extra security.

The iOS 10 update will be available in the fall. Compatible devices will be the iPhone 5 and up, iPod touch 6th gen, iPad mini 2, iPad 4th Generation and iPad Air and Pro models.

Source: Apple

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