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Clumsy? Samsung Galaxy S7 Active may be perfect for you

Samsung Galaxy S7 ActiveFor years the joke has been that the clumsy should stick with indestructible Nokia bricks for smartphones to avoid the costs of constantly replacing their device. But the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active may be the solution to that problem.

The new Samsung phone is different in design from its flagship predecessors. Bulky, certainly less sleek and holding an enormous battery, it was designed for function, not aesthetics. The case is thick and oddly textured, resembling older smartphone models before manufacturers started going with the slim, chic design in mind.

Proof Is In The Pudding

Of course, the look is a consequence of its more rugged features. At launch, Samsung showed off the smartphone’s ability to withstand nearly any of the usual problems it might face. They sprayed it with a high powered hose. They dropped it onto the ground. They plopped it into direct. They even threw it between some hard metal rails.

While the outside did get some scraped and dings through the abuse, it remained intact and functional. The screen didn’t crack (it is made of Gorilla Glass 4 with a top layer of protective polycarbonate), and no one was rushing to put it in a bowl of rice to get out the moisture.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Tech Specs

But what about under the hood? Well, it is pretty much exactly what you would expect from a Galaxy series smartphone. It has the usual Snapdragon 820 processing chip, aimed at high performance with a full 4 GB of RAM. The high resolution screen makes it great for media viewing. It has a full 32 GB of onboard storage, with MicroSD storage. Everything is more or less the same as the last model.

One area where they improved was the battery life. The 4000mAh battery means less time charging and more time using. It is a definite up side to the model, beyond just not having to constantly worry about breaking it.

Honestly, I am excited about this phone. I have never broken one myself, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t come close. Promoting this as an “active” person’s smartphone is also a great angle to take. It matches in well with their other product lines, which have often been aimed at emphasizing health and proper body care.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active goes on sale through AT&T June 10. The price tag is a hefty $795 USD with no contract, but it may be worth it.

Source: AT&T

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