Nature Remo: Transform any AC into a Smart AC

Nature RemoThe Nature Remo will turn your air conditioner into a Wi-Fi-enabled smart AC device without any effort. This will mean that your home maintains a comfortable temperature, your air conditioner is energy efficient and you can control the unit with your smartphone.

The Nature Remo Is Filled With Features

The features of the Nature Remo make it a clever little device. Using your smartphone, it uses geolocations to know when you’re close to home. A signal is sent to the device and the air conditioner starts to cool the home. It can sense if you’re not in a room and turn off the air conditioner for that specific area.

Installation of the Nature Remo is simple. There are no wires or screws. Air conditioner codes are pre-programmed for a range of brands and devices. Daikin, Toshiba, Hitachi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Frigidaire, Samsung, Corona, DeLongi, Honeywell, Haier, LG and GE units can be connected to the Nature Remo. Just about any air conditioner with a remote control is able to be connected to the device. Air conditioners without a remote will be supported by a model coming out in December 2016.

How It Works Nature RemoThe device is connected to a Wi-Fi connection. Your smartphone can communicate with the Nature Remo using Wi-Fi or mobile internet. The device communicates to the air conditioner through infrared signals.

App and Hardware

Using the app, you can adjust the settings from anywhere in or away from your house. You can measure and analyse energy usage to get a better understanding of your air conditioner’s contribution to the electricity bill.

Nature Remo Hardware and SensorsThe hardware of the Nature Remo is an 802.11b/g/n compatible Wi-Fi module, infrared sensors, and transmitters, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, motion sensor, illumination sensor and a noise sensor. Developers will be able to use the Nature Remo’s API to create new programs and apps. Different devices will be able to be connected with other IOT device. IFTT (If this then that) will a feature. Integration with the Amazon Alexa is a feature as well.

The pack contains a Nature Remo controller, a USB wall plug, and a USB cable. Get in quick on Kickstarter and you can get $50US off the retail price. The Kickstarter edition is $69, a twin pack is $129, the triple pack is $189, a five pack is $299 and a ten pack is $569.

Source: Kickstarter

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