ASUS Zenbo: A Robot For your future home

ASUS ZenboThe ASUS Zenbo is bringing robots into the home. You read that right, soon you will be able to have a robot living with you. This robot will do a lot for the family, parents, children and seniors. Your home will become a smart home with this robot as a hub for devices connected to the internet of things.

The ASUS Zenbo Connects and Communicates

Zenbo will be able to move around the home on its own. A built-in camera will be able to recognize faces, make video calls, take photos and video and monitor the home. Communication will be done through speaking, giving reminders, being a companion or as entertainment. As you speak to the robot, you will be heard and able to ask questions or make requests. There is a high quality built in stereo, so you can have a soundtrack follow you through the home. Whatever smart devices are in your home, the robot will be able to connect to them. So, lights, televisions, air conditioners and whatever else will have the robot as a hub.

Asus Zenbo and People

Humans traits like learning and emotions are programmed into the robot. The robot can learn using proactive intelligence. Different facial expressions will allow you to connect with the robot. This will help you to connect to the robot and be comfortable with this new device.

Zenbo will be a teacher and a companion to children. Programmed into the robot are educational games, stories, and an interactive encyclopedia. The robot has many entertaining voices, will be able to play music and dance. Zenbo being interactive means that this robot is more than just another screen for your children to stare at.

If there’s an emergency in your home, Asus Zenbo can send you a notification or call an emergency service. This is especially good for seniors. Using a smartphone, whoever is notified will be able to control Zenbo to do anything that’s required.

You will be able to browse online where ever you are in the home. You will be reminded doctor’s appointments, meetings and whatever else is on your calendar. If you’re away from home, the robot will be able to let you know if they’re any unwanted visitors of issues.

This is an exciting development. ASUS’ Zenbo will introduce robots into homes, possibly making life easier. Apps will be developed for the robot that adds to its functionality.

Source: Asus

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