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Apple might say goodbye to the 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Apple Headphone JackBefore we get started, I have to offer the reader an apology. This post is not going to be objective. It won’t be a simple announcement of the latest Apple news. There will be no muscling in my opinion at the end after I give all the facts. This is a straight up opinion piece, and I won’t pretend otherwise.

In my defense, there have been plenty of those related to the removal of traditional headphone jacks on smartphones the last couple of weeks. Some have been in support, some have been vehemently against the move. Whichever side you fall on, there is no denying that this has been one of the biggest hot button topics in mobile tech hardware features in awhile.

What category do I fall under, yay or nay? I will end the suspense: in my oppinion removing headphone jacks is one of the dumbest, most transparent power moves phone manufacturers have made in recent memory.

Stupid Decision, Forced Profits For Apple

As always Apple’s spin guys are doing the same song and dance as LeEco and Motorola are with their latest devices that were released sans headphone jack. They are talking about how modern they are, how ahead of the game, how they are pioneering media technology where it has become bogged down in tradition and stagnant.

They are so full of it.

This is nothing but a mercenary exercise in exerting control over their users. In this case, Apple is forcing iPhone users to use digital media presented in the way they want it to be. As in, through iTunes, using DRM.

Now, you may be saying that you can load up your own music into iTunes and sync it. Which is technically true. But how many people actually do this? I have had an iPhone for years, and the only thing that has changes about the iTunes dashboard is that is has become more of a nightmare to use with every update.

Just like their attempts to thwart users in jailbreaking the device they own, now they want to control how you view and listen to media by forcing you to use their system instead of a tried and true method that works just fine.

Oh, and wireless headphone technology is still kind of garbage. There is that, too.

This is one trend that needs to die, die hard, and die soon. Because no one asked for this. No one seems to want it. Hell, even supporters are at best ambivalent.

Come on, Apple.

Source: TheVerge

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