Pictar: a digital camera in a smartphone

PictarSmartphones are becoming the primary way we use cameras today. But if you need something a little extra, Pictar has you covered. It is a piece of hardware you connect to your iPhone to take incredible pictures and videos.

It works by creating a full use camera out of a piece of outer hardware attaching to your iPhone. With Pictar you get the experience of a DSLR camera, with fully integrated features and special extras that make it something entirely different and new.

Pictar Features

The outer shell consists of several buttons, such as one for selfies, one for auto shots, one for zoom, and a compensation wheel that allows you to better control the light conditions and avoid over exposure in your shots. There is also a “smart wheel” which can be customized to quickly access those features you use the most.

For beginners there are seven basic modes for use:

  • Portrait mode
  • Landscape mode
  • Video mode
  • Sport mode
  • Snow mode
  • Selfie mode
  • Auto mode

These are all meant to make it easier for those without an experience to take an incredible shot. Other features like ease zoom and simple touch screen controls further improve usability.

For advanced users, there is even more control at their fingertips. The camera has Shutter priority, ISO priority, and Manual controls (iPhone manual = Shutter + ISO adjustments).

Added Bonuses

If you want some accessories to make your Pictar more customized, they have a few to choose from. You can purchase a wrist or neck strap for hanging it while attached to your phone. Or you can choose a tripod, giving you a more professional quality to your shots.

What makes the tripod so cool is that it is flexible. You can stand it up, or bend it into shapes so they turn the camera into a hanging device. It is lightweight, so there is less risk to your phone. It works on compact cameras of all kinds, so you can use the tripod for everything.

Need something for your entire kit? There is a waterproof backpack with adjustable straps and torso grip, along with plenty of pouches to protect your gear.

Ordering Your Pictar

As of right now, there are 17 days left on the Kickstarter campaign. By far the best deal is for the major collector who is serious about having a versatile, high tech camera kit. For $1,000 you can get a 25 piece set, including the waterproof gear bag. It saved $500 from the street price.

Check it out!

Source: Kickstarter

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