Asus shows off new ZenBook 3 at Computex 2016

Asus Zenbook 3Computex 2016 marked the latest tech event to give us a glimpse at the latest consumer products. Asus was there with several new showing, including their new thinner, lighter laptop: the ZenBook 3.

Not Just a MacBook Ripoff

Already websites are starting to make the connection between Apple’s Retina Macbook, and this latest Asus offering. Granted, the two do look very similar in design. Asus has opted for a slimmer, lightweight laptop that is made for ultra portability, and the most recent MacBooks have all tried to follow that model in the name of functionality.

But the ZenBook 3 is much more than a piggyback on an already popular brand style. For one thing, it is both thinner and weighs less than Apple’s version. It uses an aluminum alloy that it claims is 50% stronger than the standard laptop materials, making it more protected in spite of its more svelte body.

Plus, it is a Windows laptop. That already reduces the many (many, many, many) limitations those of us who own Apple products are forced to adhere to without jailbreaking or workarounds.

Since it would be unfair to pit it directly against its Apple counterpart, let’s take a look at the tech specs themselves.

ZenBook 3 Tech SpecsAsus Zenbook 3 UltrabookThe screen size is what you would expect from a laptop touting portability as one of its bigger features. It is 12.5″, and only 11.9mm thick, weighing in at 2 lbs. You can expect high resolution, though the figures aren’t out. What is more impressive is the strong, anti-scratch Gorilla Glass 4.

Inside the ZenBook 3 features a Core i7 processor, and a full 16 GB of RAM. The performance is high, and the storage is impressive without having to resort to a cloud service: 1TB SSD.

Of course, they have less expensive models starting at just 4 GB RAM and a lower storage rate for those who require less power in their machine. Consumers can choose between models costing between $999 at the low end, and $1,999 at the high. Not bad considering its specs stack up so well against equally pricey – and sometimes more expensive – models.

For those who are concerned with style, one thing you can definitely say about Asus is that they went all out on the sleek and chic. This is a gorgeous looking laptop. Unlike so many that boast thin screens and low weights, it doesn’t look like it will snap in your hands. The case is shiny and attractive, the keys and mouse pad compact and flat.

Looks good to me.

Source: Asus

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