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Facebook Sports StadiumFacebook is in the pockets of nearly everyone. Sport is something a lot of people live for. Live sports blogs have been around for a while, but the experience isn’t quite the same. Facebook has launched Facebook Sports Stadium, a feature devoted to sporting events to enhance the experience of being at the game or adding to watch the game on TV when you can’t get to the stadium.

According to Facebook, there are 650 million sports fans on Facebook. Sports teams, sports media and fans connect, communicate, share, trash talk and enjoy the highs and lows of sporting events on Facebook. Giving sports fans, media and teams their space on the site is an idea that will give some Facebook users something new to delve into at the game.

Facebook’s Sports Stadium will connect friends who are commenting on players and the game, add expert commentary from journalists, teams and leagues, update information regularly to provide up to date scores, stats and play-by-play analysis and information about where to find the game on TV.

Facebook is somewhere that connects people, allows people to be a part of the conversation and goes beyond borders. Sports fans love to celebrate the wins with other fans and trash talk to fans of the opposition. This feature can give more insight to what’s happening on the field by a range of commentators who users normally wouldn’t watch the game with. When at the game, Facebook Sports Stadium could give insights that you missed, like information on injured players or interchanges. For those at home, it could be like a second screen that adds to the entertainment and emotion of live sporting events.

American football games (NFL) are going to the first to be broadcast via Facebook Sports Stadium. Facebook wants this feature to expand to other sports (Basketball, soccer and, in the end, other sporting competitions from around the world.). The features will grow, with no word yet on what is being planned to be added. The iPhone will be the first mobile device to receive this feature with plans for other platforms to be added over the coming weeks. The upcoming Superbowl 50 will be a big initial test to see how this service will add to one of America’s biggest sporting events.

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