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The OnePlus X aims for an exquisite elegance

OnePlus XThe smartphone maker OnePlus has announced a new model, the OnePlus X. It appears that the aim of the OnePlus X is to be exquisite, to have class, and to explore contrasts and harmony. The design is a way of thinking about a product in ways where the eye of the designer perceives beauty and elegance onto a blank space. When style and technology meet well in a smartphone, the results are impressive. When this aim fails, there’s often a lot of style without substance.

The OnePlus X is made with zirconia ceramics to achieve its style. The camera has 13MO rear camera to create colours are real as possible. ISOCELL technology is used to make images sharper and contain less noise. The front camera for selfie lovers is 8MP and has support for Beauty Mode. Phase Detection AF powers the autofocus for Auto, HDR or Clear Image photos. 1080p video and slow motion recording are also there for users to use and to play around.

The display is faster than previous OnePlus smartphones and is easier on the eyes in the sunlight. There’re not many details of the technology inside the OnePlusX yet. The OnePlus X claims an Advanced Mode that will make complex tasks easier and faster. Battery life will be optimised, an important feature in smartphone design now. The graphics chip is claimed to has “desktoplike processing power”.

Storage is expandable via a microSD card slot that has a powerful capability for enlargement. OnePlus brings its radio station format, OnePlus Radio in a way it claims that it’s not like anything else. Battery life is enhanced by hardware and software being designed together. The OS on the device is Oxygen OS, a mod of Android. The OnePlus X will be shipped unlocked and ready for 4G speed around the world.

OnePlus is a smartphone company that works in a niche market. They don’t go for the biggest selling smartphones but aim to make one smartphone very well. If there’s no pressure to sell millions of devices, then a different mentality goes into the design and creation of the device. The OnePlus X is due for release on November 5th. Customers will have to sign up for an invite through the OnePlus website, as with previous OnePlus devices. The price isn’t known, but OnePlus like to keep their smartphones priced affordably. If the OnePlus X combines an elegant experience, powerful technology and an affordable price, then the company will be around to release another model in the next year or so.

Source: OnePlus

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