Apple introduces iPad Pro featuring a massive 12.9-inch Retina Display

Apple iPad ProThe new iPad Pro announced today by Apple is going to be an Apple tablet that could possibly take on and take over from laptops. The iPad Pro has the A9X chip, and Apple’s Phil Schiller claims this new chip is 1.8 times faster than the previous model’s chip and is faster than “80% of portable PCs shipped in the last 12 months… and in graphics tasks it’s faster than 90% of them”. The iPad has been questioned in the past, as despite it selling well in the past sales slowed down and users were falling away from the iPad. There wasn’t much need to upgrade from the iPad Air to the Air 2 and the device still felt like a larger iPhone, not a laptop replacement. It seems like Apple may have finally created the iPad as an alternative to a laptop that the tablet was promised to be.

The A9X chip is what powers the iPad Pro to be as powerful as it is. There are reasons why the iPad Pro is exciting for users as app developers will be able to take advantage of the increase in capabilities and features. Apple is releasing the Apple Pencil and a Smart Keyboard to make the iPad Pro a device capable of more productivity and entertainment. The iPad Pro is larger, having a 12.9-inch Retina Display with 5.5 million pixels. The battery life is around 10 hours of usage, and there are four speakers situated around the device to enhance the listening experience. The refresh rate of the display is now variable, so the iPad will won’t use power unless it has to.

The Apple Pencil will change how users can interact with apps. Apple claims that the Apple Pencil will feel like a traditional writing experience to give artists, graphic designers, illustrators, engineers, students and others to better the education, gaming or entertainment experience. App developers will be able to design their apps to take advantage of what the Apple Pencil has to offer with improved app possibilities. The iPad Pro could become the new must-have device for creative types and people in creative industries as MacBooks currently are. The Apple Pencil will work with business related apps like Mail, Notes, Procreate and Office 360 for iPad. The Apple Pencil is charged by a built-in Lightning Connector that is also used to pair the device.

The Smart Keyboard is something that will make difference to how the iPad is received as a replacement for a laptop. Previously, iPad keyboards have felt more like a toy or as if they were missing functions. For me, I tried replacing a laptop with the iPad Air, but it never felt like I had the same capabilities or functions available. It was a device I’d use on the train before I got home and switch on the laptop there. The Smart Keyboard connects to the Smart Connector port and doesn’t require a separate battery, on/off switch or to be paired via Bluetooth. Fabric covers the keyboard and the feel is aimed to be like that of a regular keyboard.

I’d like the new iPad Pro to be a laptop replacement. I’ve also thought the iPad Air was a decent device that only needed to be refined a little bit more to make it a much more productive device. As an upgrade from an older iPad, the iPad Pro presses the case as a new device. It is worth looking at as well if you are looking for a new laptop or MacBook. There are already 850,000 apps in the app store and Apple’s App store being popular there will be a range of apps coming out that take advantage of what the iPad Pro has on offer.

The prices of the iPad Pro 32GB with Wi-Fi is $799, $949 for the 128GB with Wi-Fi and $1079 for the Wi-Fi and Cellular 128GB model. The colours are silver, space grey and gold from November. The Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard are sold separately and cost $99 for the Apple Pencil and $169 for the Smart Keyboard. The iPad Pro will be sold via, Apple’s retail stores and select carriers and Apple Authorized Resellers.

Source: Apple

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