Get to know your sleep with OURA Ring

Oura Sleep RingSleep is important, very important to people. If you sleep too much or too little, you know about it the next day. Yet, how much do you know about your sleep and how what you do in the day affects how your body recharges? Probably not much, beyond common knowledge like alcohol, caffeine and doing too much or too little activity affects how a person sleeps. The OURA is a ring that monitors you during the day and as you sleep to give you information on what makes your sleep better or worse.

The OURA is a smart little device as it can tell when you’re resting, active or asleep. It measures your heart rate optically, records your respiration rate, body temperature and movement. It notices your activities during the day and picks up on patterns that affect your sleep. I’ve had my sleep monitored and learned that I sleep better on sun days than dark days. This taught me that to get a better sleep on dark days I should go to the gym and be more physically active.

The OURA device is good, but it needs something extra to help you interpret and understand the information. OURA gives users an app that offers recommendations about your sleep, activities and readiness. It does this visually to help you to understand what it may mean for you. The app is designed to be easy to use and time progresses the data points will give you more specialised information. A device such as OURA will give good recommendations after use for a month or two, but the best recommendations will come from using the device for an extended period.

The design of the OURA is a ring. It was decided to be this as rings are comfortable to wear. The design of the OURA ring is aimed to be fashionable at work, out shopping or when out in a nightclub. It’s hoped that others will comment “Wow, nice ring!” over “What’s that device on your finger?”. Many people dislike looking like they have a digital device as jewellery. The inconspicuous design is perfect for people who want to look good without standing out.

The OURA is currently on Kickstarter looking for backers. The standard price will be $299 when released. Early backers will be able to get an OURA ring for $229, a twin pack for $398, a stealth black edition with a hand finished black matte coating for a luxurious feel. $499 gets you an OURA ring with initials applied on the band using a laser and $895 gets you 5 OURA rings.


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