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Frequent travelers rejoice! Smartcase is a new way to pack

SmartcaseKickstarter project Smartcase is gaining a lot of traction as it offers the most highly advanced smart luggage system to date. But if you want to be among the first buyers, you have to hurry.

Smartcase isn’t like other smart luggage products that have been leaking onto crowdfunding sites over the last couple of years.

First, it is the most secure on the market thanks to a biolock that uses a biometric scanner to run your fingerprint through the Planet Traveler app. Anyone else trying to open your bag will be locked out. A proximity/anti-theft alert will go off in anyone snatches your bag.

Next, it has a highly sensitive global tracker that will let you find your luggage anywhere. No more wondering where it was sent to and waiting for ages to find out. You can contact the airline’s luggage hold immediately, or find your bag in a crowded claims area at once.

Need to charge your devices? There isn’t just one or two USB’s, but an impressive seven. You can become an entire hub for even others around you to plug in their devices, if you choose.

The benefits don’ t start there. You can organize your possessions with their multiple compartments meant for devices, clothes, files, travel papers, and other quick find areas through the suitcase.

When you are in your hotel room, you can use the built in bluetooth speaker phone from right in the front of the luggage. When you are going to leave your home or the hotel, check that your suitcase meets weight requirements with the self-contained digital scale.

This is the most advanced and well made piece of smart luggage ever released. It looks good, it has full smart functionality, and it is secure. Unfortunately, it is almost sold out.

You can get your own Smartcase through a couple of still available early buy options on the site. If you are especially impressed, you can also become an official investor and partner with them by throwing in $10,000.

For everyone else, you can get one of their carry-on suitcases with your choice of art for $299. Or get a two-piece carry-on plus check-in set for $429.

The popularity of these Smartcases has been overwhelming, and after Kickstarter campaign finished, they are available for preorder. At least until they hit the market, where the price will really shoot up.

Source: Kickstarter

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