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Facebook Historical IPOMark Zuckerberg, of Facebook, has announced that will be opening itself up for developers to design apps. For those who don’t know, is a plan to get Internet access to billions more people across the world. There are still billions of people, especially in Africa and Asia, who lack basic Internet access. Internet access can help spread information where there is a lack education, such as helping a mother get advice in Namibia.

For websites on, it is important they are basic. Some requirements for participating in development for include allowing users to explore the entire Internet, the efficient use of data for use in areas without good connections, and technical specifications that remove JavaScript, SSL/TLS/HTTPS. It is required developers aimed to use as little services and data as can be done, as is about connecting people and giving people an opportunity they didn’t have before. Other services to not be used include VoIP, video, file transfer, high-resolution or high volume photos.

80% of the world is in range of mobile Internet access, so there is already the infrastructure there for many people. The challenge is making it affordable for those without to be able to get connected. These are people who couldn’t afford the extra data that comes with a video advertisement loading, and require information without the extras. It is also important that for operators it is worth their efforts, and allows them to maintain and build on their infrastructure.

Expanding the Internet to take in more people will connect and allow a greater sharing of information. Early warnings could be given to people in areas where a natural disaster is about to hit, advice on farming methods given to farmers in remote areas, children will have access to a world of information to educate them, and it could see those in remote areas connecting to those in cities and learning from each others.

There’s a lot on the Internet, good and bad. There’s a gap between those who have access, and those who don’t, and this fuels inequality. Information is a form of power, and something taken for granted by those who have had access for years. The companies involved in aren’t paying to be involved and want to grow the Internet to encompass all people. The technology and infrastructure are there. The last piece of the puzzle is getting devices and access to those without. Global isn’t part of the world, it’s the whole world, and the Internet is the party everyone is invited to.

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