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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have finally been revealed in full at MWC 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6At MWC today, everyone was waiting with bated breath for the Galaxy S6 reveal. Now, after months of leaks and rumors, we finally have it…and something a little extra.

Samsung actually unveiled two new handsets today, not just one. Both are part of a highly secretive effort code named Project Zero. From early in learning of Project Zero, people believed it was an effort to entirely rebuild the Galaxy series as something new, and that is exactly what we got.

The Samsung S6 and S6 Edge have a totally new design, stepping away from the cheap feeling plastic and instead incoprorating a combined metal and glass frame that feels heftier and sturdier in the hand. But it is what is under the hood that counts…did they get it right?

Tech Specs

Without a doubt, performance is going to see a huge increase with Samsung’s use of a powerful Samsung Exynos 7 Octa-core processing chip. splitting the processor between four 1.5 Ghz and four 2.1 Ghz, in 64 bit. The 3 GB of RAM should give it enough drive to take advantage of that, though an extra gig would not have been remiss to really push the capabilities of the Exynos.

There will be three options for storage, 32GB, 64Gb or 128GB.

Really, the only difference between the Galaxy S6 and the Gakaxy S6 Edge is that there are some slightly higher resolutions. The regular S6 comes with 1440 x 2560, the Edge: 1440 x 2660. There is also a difference in battery, with the S6 featuring a 2550mAh, the Edge 2600mAh.

That does make the name fitting, as they are essentially the same phone with one having a very slight “edge” over the other. No word yet on the prices, but you can be sure that the Edge will be more in that regard, as well.


This looks like an amazing set of phones, it has to be said. The wait was well worth it, just to see the octo-core processor, and the sleeker design. In addition, you have the change in their standard operating system. They have removed the excess apps, bells and whistles for a more functional system that works better with the buffed up hardware. It is just what you would hope for with a fully redesigned flagship.

Samsung has been seeing a serious drop in sales lately, and after the fiasco with the SmartTV privacy issues it has gotten worst. This could be a real step back into the limelight.

Source: TechCrunch

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