Eero aims to change the way you use WiFi

Eero WiFi Mesh NetworkIf you live in an apartment or house that suffers from network freezing, drop spots, dead zones, or endless buffering, there is a new product for you. Eero is aiming to change the way people use WiFi by offering the first totally stable network for your home.

Eero is a build-you-own system that allows you to create fast WiFi in every room. Tiny apartments or single rooms can use one Eero router, though most homes will need two or three. That is why they are offering a three pack for $299 at a discount.

You take those routers and spread them through your home to create a network that allows for a faster, stable connection with no dead zones. Using this unique method essentially makes your own network within those covered rooms, so your whole house is wired without using unreliable signal  boosters.

Eero is also a pretty good looking router. It is sleek, white, and could match with any decor. There is no wire mess, no long line of flashing lights, and nothing bulky to shove into whatever corner you can.

Using it is simple. You can create login information on your phone with just a username and password. Then you invte or authorize other devices to join your network immediately. It is an interesting twist on the increasingly popular “one button” WiFi device(remember WiFi vs MiFi).

Right now, it is available for preorder. This is a new startup, and this is their first major release. That meant a couple of things: the product is still first generation, and it is subject to serious markup once it hits retail shelves. You are taking a bit of a risk buying it right out of the gate, but you are probably doing so at anywhere up to half of what you will pay when it is picked up by major vendors.

Being someone who lives in a perpetual dead zone with constant WiFi problems, I am seriously considering buying one of these myself. It would be worth the cash if it meant I didn’t have to reset my router twice a day to stop latency or sudden service drops.

Plus, it has Bluetooth compatibility, so it is another step in the ever growing smarthome industry. I have a couple of those devices myself (such as the Nest), and so having an Eero could prove to be a future investment as the technology moves forward.

Source: Eero

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