NEEO thinking remote control makes all your devices work together

Neeo Thinking Remote Control
Neeo Thinking Remote Control

Home automation is getting simpler, and yet more complex, every day. NEEO thinking remote control is proof of that. It is a remote control that can manage up to 30,000 different devices around your home.

NEEO is made up of two parts: the “brain”, and the remote itself. The brain is what manages all of the devices and can be quickly programed to run appliances, apps, and anything else around your home. The remote is what controls is all from a single place.

It runs most different types of TV that have been created in the last decade, media centers, smart thermostats, home security systems, wireless music hubs, personal devices, and more. The XBox 360 and XBox One are controllable, though the Playstation consoles are pending.

The remote has a high definition screen of 291 ppi, which makes it comparable to Apple screens. Which is interesting, as that isn’t technically necessary. But it does provide clarity if you happen to struggle with reading the names of apps or other text on mobile screens.

It recognizes your hand when you pick it up, making it one of the more fascinating home automation devices currently in prototype production. This is done through sensors that can tell things like the contours specific to your palm. So it will activate your personal profile immediately.

For those who frequently lose their remotes, Neeo thinking remote control has an SOS alarm that can be activated through the brain. This sets off a tone that you can follow to find it.

There are very few buttons. Most of the function is done through the actual screen, by selecting programs like apps. Otherwise, you just have the few navigation, screen, volume and selection buttons on the bottom.

You can connect the remote to either your Android or Apple devices. It also controls various equipment at once, including different TVs in different (or the same) rooms.

Basically, this thing is adaptable to your needs, very thorough, and very cool. You can support the Kickstarter campaign now, and while the early bird special is over they still have it being sold at a lower price if you buy right now.

Neeo Thinking remote control is estimated for delivery in May 2015.

While it is an opulent purchase, I would say that this is one of those home automation products that is definitely worth it if you have a lot of equipment in your home. The fact that it is compatible with older devices makes it even more impressive.

Source: Kickstarter

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