SafeBand is the new wearable that does pretty much everything

SafeBandA lot of wearable technology is hitting the market these days, some more useful than others. But SafeBand doesn’t just want to be a smartwatch, or fitness tracker, or connected to your smartphone. It wants to be everything.

This Kickstarter project is incorporating pretty much all wearables, alongside a couple of features that haven’t been associated with the format. It is an effort to create the ultimate wearable tech, so you don’t have to pick and choose your features.

With the SmartBand, you can:

  • Track fitness levels, and integrate with Google Fit.
  • Follow physical movements to remind you to move more, wake you based on sleep cycles, and learn your daily routines.
  • Control access to devices like computers, smartphones and tablets using auto lockdown/login.
  • Allow you to protect valuables by attaching “mini-tags”, which will alert you if you get too far from them, or they are suddenly moved or changed. This includes tagging people and animals, so you don’t lose them in a crowd or unfamiliar area.
  • Incorporation of a panic button that can be customized to contact 911, or a loved one with a single press, in case of emergencies.
  • Send texts, GPS coordinates, switch on a camera, switch on a voice recording.
  • Take automatic picture of thieves if they swipe your phone.

This is just a partial list. I almost expected the project page to claim this thing released a genie that could fulfill the buyer’s earthly wishes.

Right now, they have not come anywhere near meeting their goal, but the project literally just kicked off. If you hurry, you can get the band for 55% off the retail price on their super early bird special. That is definitely worth it, if you want a wearable that doesn’t seem to be limited, at all.

I would say that this kind of thing could be the new standard. The list of features seems rather bulky and unmanageable, but keep in mind this is a single wristband and a couple of small tags, alongside a tiny USB port. It isn’t at all hard to handle.

This is the first time I have seen a wearable tech item and thought that it would actually be a cool thing to own. After all, I have always kind of wanted a fitness tracker. This is that, and a whole lot more, for half the price.

Doesn’t look bad, either.

Source: Kickstarter

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