Sick of the official iPhone keyboard? You may want to try Next, a higher level mobile keyboard

iPhone Next KeyboardTired of the iPhone keyboard and its lack of intuitive interface? Of course you are, because you are a human, and the iPhone keyboard appears to have been made for patient robots with stylus fingers. Next has created a more user-friendly keyboard that gets around a number of design flaws.

At the heart of it, Next is just a simple keyboard with a couple of extra functions that you may enjoy. But as you look deeper, it is a  lot more.

Not only does it make it easier to type, but it makes it simpler to type with one hand by providing swipe select instead of just pressing buttons. It provides a faster way to move the cursor to a targeted area (one of the worst things about an iPhone is how bad the cursor placement is). Even emojis are easier to use, as they are in an easier to access location. Plus, there is predictive emoji selection based on words you type, which will be replaced with a quick tap of the emoji icon.

Speaking of predictive, autocorrect is a lot better on Next. As someone who has ruined enough conversations with misplaces autocorrected words to fill DamnYouAutoCorrect herself, I am thrilled about this point. No more accidentally telling my husband I slept with his friend when I meant I had seen him, or that I want him to pick up butter instead of bread.

This is really just a convenience item, it isn’t something anyone really needs. But it is a cool upgrade for the iPhone that makes it more intuitive, from a company that has already made a name for themselves with their many useful and reliable Apple apps.

Right now, you can throw in a dollar and get $11 worth of apps from the developers, including their alarm clock app. Which is pretty cool, and shows that it is a pretty high reward threshold in comparison to other Kickstarter projects. They even have an option to get stuff for free by spreading the word (for the record, that is not why I am writing this story. I will pay for the apps if I choose to get them).

They still have 36 days to go, and have doubled their planned goal. So jump on board while you still can and take advantage of the pretty cool rewards. I kind of have my eye on an emoji mug, which will join my Snape mug and Grumpy Cat mugs as part of my growing collection of embarrassing pop culture artifacts.

Source: Kickstarter

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