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Point crowdfunding project wants to handle your home security

Point Home SecurityA new Kickstarter project is offering another addition to the line of new smarthouse security projects. But this one is for those who find the others, with their access to cameras, constant updates and monitoring, to be too invasive.

Point works by sitting idly in your home, and just working in the background. There are no daily notifications, unless there is a problem. Otherwise, you can look at a timeline of any events or environment changes in your home at your leisure through the smartphone app.

It monitors based on three primary functions: temperature, scents, and sounds. Through customizing your settings you can decide how Point will react and notify you on these features. If you want it to ignore cigarette smoke, you can choose how much is acceptable. If you want it to allow temperature changes without an alert, you set the parameters.

One thing that really sets Point apart is the simplicity. You don’t have to worry about it; it just sits there in your home, literally. You set the settings, change them if you need to, and switch out the batteries once per year. There are no headaches, and you won’t notice it any more than you do smoke detectors. It actually looks a lot like one as it is small, round and white to blend into the background of your wall.

I personally like the idea of this. One thing that has kept me from trying the many new releases of affordable home security systems is how creepily invasive they are. I couldn’t relax knowing I was being monitored as closely as some of these systems get. The rise of home robots is a great example of cool ideas and amazing technology than nonetheless freak me out to imagine having in my space.

This is the right amount of security versus privacy. No major features like cameras, no ability to zero in. Just simple data offered in a simple way that you can be watched by.

If you want to contribute to this project, there is still time. They have overshot their goal in just a few days, and there is the better part of a month left. This is going to be huge, so get on it early. Not only will it be cheaper, but you won’t have to worry about potential merchandise shortages upping the shipping wait.

Source: Kickstarter

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