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Microsoft prepares to relaunch Lumia under its personal brand banner

Microsoft LumiaMicrosoft is looking to rebrand the Lumia line following their purchase and integration with Nokia. That means a manufactured product series of new Microsoft Lumia products that seek to move away from the formula of the old company, and make it a part of the new one.

One of the first things Microsoft wanted to make clear with their announcement today was that Nokia Lumia phones are still being sold and supported, and so are not obsolete with the buyout. But that probably won’t be the case pretty soon, as they begin to phase out the old and bring in the new. At least, that is what can be gleaned from reading between the lines.

Nokia phones are going to be sold, but these are entry level devices that are meant for the low end of the market. That leaves Microsoft to continue to attempt to wriggle their way into a bulk share of the medium and high end markets, neither of which they have managed to conquer thanks to competitors like Android, iPhone and Samsung.

But from here, Lumia is going to be one of their heading product lines. They haven’t yet announced anything that will be coming under that title, just that they are on their way. When they come, they will be firmly under the Microsoft Lumia brand. What that will mean is hard to say, but we can be certain of a switch to a Windows mobile based OS, and features that have become standard on their other smartphones.

In the meantime, all operations are slowly going to start filtering over to Microsoft over the coming couple of weeks. That means blogs, sales, and more will be done through the company’s websites, and no longer from the Nokia run sites where they have been before.

The only thing surprising about all of this is that it has taken so long. That seems to be a sign that integration between the two companies has not been the smooth merger that was hoped for. While there have been products released since the buyout, they have still been acting very much as an individual company until now.

It will be interesting to see what they release first. Will it be new Lumia smartphone, tablet, or combo? One of each seems to be most likely, cornering two sides of the market. But how advanced they will be remains to be seen.

Source: Nokia

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