Crowdfunding: Bluesmart gives us the first Bluetooth connected luggage

Bluesmart Carry-On Blueetooth LuggageA new IndieGoGo campaign has already made leaps and bounds over its initial goal, attracting both domestic and international travelers, alike. The Bluesmart suitcase is a sophisticated piece of luggage that works by connecting to your smartphone, and offering a central charging hub for your electronic devices.

Bluesmart works by connecting through a sensor to your Bluetooth in your smartphone. Through its associated app it can give give you information on its whereabouts it lost, tell you the weight of the suitcase and what is inside, automatically lock when it senses that you are more than a couple of inches away, and charge your smartphone, tablet or even laptop through an internal battery.

Another interesting feature is quick access to electronics. When you are going through security, you can quickly remove them from the protected electronics compartment, rather than dig through your luggage. Added to the built in digital scale, you will always be able to quickly pass your stuff through checks, bring it on as carry-on luggage, or check it when you need to.

Right now, it is a single piece of luggage with an app. Soon, there will be an app for smartwatches, though there is no final date on when those will be released. They do say that the actual Bluesmarts will start to ship in July, as they already have a number of manufacturers on board for production.

Right now, they have made over #396,000 on their IndieGoGo campaign, when they were initially asking for just $50,000. So this is a huge project that is sure to be taking off. It is a good time to jump on board and get it for a lower cost than it is sure to become later on.

However, it is also one of those ideas you know will be copies. It should be interesting to see how many brands start creating their own version of smart luggage. While it might be a luxury item, those who travel frequently on planes know how worth it, the luggage would be. After all, a non-sophisticated suitcase still costs about half of what they are asking, without all the cool features.

This one gets a big thumbs up for me. As someone who has had to deal with way too many aggravations at security, and with airlines that won’t even allow for an ounce over a weight limit, this is a must for me own travel purchase list.

Source: IndieGoGo

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