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AMPY Kickstarter promises green energy alternative to mobile device charging

AMPY Green Mobile ChargerA new Kickstarter product called AMPY is bringing a method of charging your smartphone through green energy right into the hands of consumers. It is a small, wearable device that charges smartphones, wearables and more by harnessing the power of your movement.

In the three minute video introducing AMPY, the creators claim that those who live in cities, and so walk more, could get up to three hours of charge from those movements. It is even more if you workout, hike, run, ride a bike, dance, due martial arts, or anything else.

AMPY is designed to fit to your body in different ways, to customize it to the way you move. From strapping it to your arm, clipping it to your belt, or slipping it into a pocket, you can find a way that works with your movement patterns, and plugs right into smartphones, or any other device that is powered by a USB charger. It is about half the size of the average smartphone.

They provide charging details for three devices, and three modes of activity.

For 10,000 steps walked, you three hours (smartphone), 24 hours (smartwatch), or 72 hours (fitness tracker). You get those same stats in one hour cycling, or 30 minutes running.

The AMPY keeps three stats as well, including how much energy you have generated, the offset of your carbon footprint through this energy generation, and how many calories you have burned.

Right now, they have a few slots open for the $95 deal, providing both the AMPY and the three piece accessory set. After those spots run out, the price goes up to $105.

This is a great project for several reasons. It allows you to charge on the go, without an attachment that probably won’t work in your car lighter, or some other method. It utilizes green energy in a really efficient and innovative way. Plus, it encourages people to move more. They mention in the video that this kind of technology could end up built into devices of the future, which given the emphasis on health tracking seems like a perfectly reasonable assumption.

In fact, this could show a serious shift in how green energy is approached in consumer electronics. It is a rather ingenious idea that puts full control into the device owners hand.

There are 31 days left on the Kicstarter campaign, and they have already raised almost $40,000 of their $100,000 goal. Hopefully, they get the attention they deserve.

Source: Kickstarter

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