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Tim Cook talks iPhone 6 and changing Apple’s focus

Tim Cook AppleTim Cook took part in an interesting interview with Bloomberg Business, where he talks about the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus release, the way they have changed Apple since the death of his predecessor, and more.

When Steve Jobs passed, everyone knew that Cook would take the reigns. But there was a lot of speculation about how that would change the company, and what aspects of the brand image might shift under the influence of a new mind.

The truth is, Jobs was sick for awhile before he passed. So Cook was already well involved in running things, and the collaborative nature of the company encouraged more than the vision of a single man.

In his interview with Bloomberg, you start to really see how true that impression is. For one thing, they did not try and sweep the memory of Jobs under the rug, any more than they tried to hide behind it. His office remains untouched as a small memorial, but Cook and those under his have moved on to keep the brand alive and booming.

When Jobs was alive, working at Apple could be a nerve wracking experience. The man was well known for his quick temper and changeability, neither of which Cook possesses. So at the very least, working there is a much calmer experience than it would have been.

In spite of this, they are shooting with both cannons. The release of a new iPhone (even if 6 and 6 Plus were very similar to the iPhone 5) came right alongside the long awaited Watch, which managed to be the first truly innovative and interesting smartwatch on the market.

Then, you have developments in other services associated with the brand Apple Pay is a very timely financial alternative for people who are becoming increasingly frustrated with online banking systems. Mobile banking is the new wave.

Cook has seemed to be a good influence on the company. He got rid of the rather divisive structure the company was running under, and started putting people in high positions for his own reasons rather that working on the basis of long standing arrangement. Jonathan Ive has since become a major part of development for mobile products, even though he never seems to be recognized for his place in what the iPhone is today.

Probably the most telling quote in the article, and the only one I will put here, came from Eddy Cue, not Cook. The VP for Internet software and services said:

I feel damn proud to be working as a part of Tim’s team. If he gets a little bit of recognition from the outside world, that is great. He deserves a lot more than he is going to get.

Warm, fuzzy feelings all around.

Source: Bloomberg Business

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