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Is the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge showing a new trend with curved displays?

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge CurvedSamsung showed off its two new flagship phones at IFA yesterday. But does the design of the Galaxy Edge show the wave of the future?

This is not the first time a curved display have been released. But the unique display of the Galaxy Edge might just be an example of doing things the right way.

More than just an opportunity to look different, as so many others have tried, the curved screen actually serves a purpose.

It is all about quick access to frequently used apps and programs, as well as a qay to quickly access information without ever unlocking the screen. Instead of just being a curve, it acts as its own menu. One that delivers a sense of accessibility and intuitive use.

The Galaxy Edge is more interesting than the Note 4, also released today. Because it where its higher priced, heavy hitting cousin is more of the same we’ve come to expect from Samsung’s line, the Edge might have actually stumbled on a trend.

Having that customizable menu is more useful than what you see from other smartphone devices. It is also provided with a more comfortable style than most, and the curve sets it apart from other features of the phone. That eliminates accidental brushes that could bring up apps, while still keeping it all in one convenient place.

Pit this against Apple iPhones, which have to be unlocked. Certain features, like airplane mode, WIFI, Do Not Disturb, music players and utility tools like flashlight can be brought up with a swipe from the bottom. They are not adaptive to the use of the owner.

Tech Specs

Unsurprisingly, the Edge does not have the impressive power of the Galaxy Note 4. It is a more budget friendly device, and Samsung’s latest attempt to wriggle into the growing “middle lane” market, without verging into cheap devices.

But it still have a 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor, which should be plenty to back up the 2560 x 1440 resolution on the Super AMOLED, 5.6″ screen.

It is also optimized for S Pen, which technically makes it a phablet alongside the Note 4. That was a nice touch that might send people scrambling to the Edge in numbers that Apple failed to gain for the iPhone 5c.

There is no denying that the Edge was meant to be the less exciting of the two smartphones Samsung showed off today. Yet, it has managed to spark a lot more interest.

Source: Samsung

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