Kickstarter Notion project offers home intelligence in a small package

KickStarter Notion SystemA new Kickstarter campaign is offering what they call “home intelligence” from a very tiny sensor. The Notion provides information to your smartphone from a number of different household risks, all from a small electrical disk.

The Notion is an all-in-one home security device. It works by sticking a disk to different areas within your home, and then monitoring it when you are out for the day, on vacation, or still in the house.

It operates through two separate parts. First is a small “hub”, a square piece of equipment that connects the Notion (or multiple Notion disks) to your WiFi and centralizes its services to the area around your home. The second part is the actual Notion disk, which can be placed anywhere.

You can choose what you monitor, from doors opening, to smoke alarms going on. The video even suggests putting it on your garage door to know when you have forgotten to close it, your liquor or gun locks to make sure they remain closed around children, or your propane tank on the grill to know when you are running low.

Any time something happens that you have chosen to be alerted to, a push notification will appear on your smartphone. You can also choose to get alerts via text, email, or the mobile app itself. It is compatible with both the iOS and Android software.

With so much versatility, this has been an instant hit with crowdfunders. After being featured on several tech sites (like TechCrunch and VentureBeat), the $50,000 goal has been more than doubled, with 23 days to go.

Just how much you are able to tell from these single disks is pretty cool. With one on the front door they claim you can tell the temperature of the room, whether the door has been closed or opened, if someone knocks, if lights are being left on, or if the smoke alarm goes off.

For install, you just peel off the back and stick the adhesive to wherever you want it placed on the wall. You can remove and restick it at any time, if you want to change what is being monitored. So it is a great little device for home security while away, especially.

If you want your own, you can get one for $99 on their early bird special. Estimated delivery has been set at July, when the official launch date is set. Right now they are in prototype mode, but the kinks appear to have been worked out.

Source: Kickstarter

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