The Apple Watch has finally be unveiled

Apple WatchAlongside the introduction of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has finally unveiled their much anticipated Watch.

Surprisingly, it was called the Watch and not the iWatch, yet everyone is calling it that regardless. Rather than pack it full of features, they are instead focusing on customizing it to match the consumer who buys it, calling it a “new chapter in the relationship” between people and technology.

Unlike their other flagships, Apple is offering some variety for their Watch. They have the primary device, the Watch Sport, and the Watch Edition. Each is meant to match your personal style, with the first being silver or black stainless steel, the second silver or space grey, and third 18k yellow or rose gold with sapphire crystal. All come with a variety of bands you can choose from.

Speaking of their look, they went with a square face. All are digital, but can be changed to feature a clock face or a digital readout.


You have a pretty endless combination of items to put on your main face, or homescreen. Alarms, stop watches, times in different places, weather, notifications, ect. That depends on you, and it is fully customizable.

They have a rotating crown that allows you to scroll through screens without obstructing your view on the face, which was a nice touch. You don’t have to worry about being unable to tell what you are pressing, or accidentally activating an app when you swipe to another page.

You can get notifications, interact with others, use Siri, check out Google Maps, and use the same kind of heart rate monitors, GPS and sensors that you have come to expect from these devices.

While I am still not convinced about the need for smartwatches right now, and it still acts like an intermediary device that is unnecessary when you have so much in your smartphone itself, the Apple Watch is actually cooler than the others I have seen on the market.

The interface is more intuitive, it seems to have more app compatibility, and it seems more functional. As for the design, it does look really good. It is more fashionable than Gear.

I give a half-hearted seal of approval. It is good for a smartwatch, though I still maintain these bits of wearable technology are stupid. At least for the moment. Apple Watch will be officially released in 2015.

Source: Apple

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