Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks ambition in new email

Satya Nadella Microsoft CEOMicrosoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has released a new email to the employees at the company. In it, he talks about bold ambition, and the role it plays in the direction of the company.

According to the email, the earnings for the past sales quarter will be release on July 22. From there, a new direction might be on the horizon, which focuses on the results. Unfortunately, there are no clues about what that figure might be. But we know that last quarter showed of $20.4 billion.

Nadella has made the coming focus clear, however. He speaks about the world and how it is both mobile and cloud centric. How integration into every day lifeis what society expects, and that Microsoft intends to provide just that, both on a consumer and industry level.

Multi-device integration has been a bit selling point for other companies, such as Google and Apple. Yet despite their valiant attempts to push their cloud services, that feature just hasn’t properly translated for Microsoft.

For the past few months, as Google shows it is dead set to take over pretty much everything in our lives, people have been asking where the former ambition of Microsoft for everything disappeared to.

It would seem they are starting to get back to that ideal.

Productivity is the banner this now falls under. The email states that they are looking to provide that efficiency to people and organizations alike, on a global scale. They are thinking big and long term, with more focus than the past decade.

The plan seems to be based on two fronts: making their cloud service fully compatible with all devices, and producing devices that combine together to make the ultimate productivity tool. They talk about phones, tablets, laptops and TV’s, and it is that final one that is most intriguing. Could this be related to their Perceptive Pixel product?

XBox was mentioned, but more as an aside. They are going to continue and develop the console (not surprising, given what a massive brand it is), but it obviously isn’t their primary interest right now. Hopefully, they come up with smarter choices than the controversial XBox One, when their next model is released.

I have to say that Nadella already seems like a much more stable leader for the company than Ballmer. While his ambitions are expansive, Microsoft has the power behind their brand to reach those goals.

Plus, he has a genuinely innovative mind. Something the former head always lacked.

Source: Microsoft Blog

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