Multiple Apple smartwatch designs on the horizon, claim sources

Apple EmployeesA new report coming from people unnamed inside of Apple say that smartwatches are coming, and that the company is dedicated to making them better than anything else on the market.

Those who have read my comments on smartwatches before know that I am not a fan in their current incarnation. They are more or less just very expensive accessories to smartphones. Other than fitness tracking, which can be had much cheaper using the multitude of other compatible devices out there, releases have been disappointing.

I am not the only one who thinks this. Consumers have largely reacted in the same way, and brands like Samsung and Google are scrambling to alleviate that lack of enthusiasm.

However, it may  be Apple who is the first to truly address it. Reports from the Wall Street Journal claim they have been talking to a mole from within the company. This source says that Apple feels the burn, and is creating multiple designs to be the first to tackle the problem.

The most intriguing design idea that has been mentioned is one with a full ten different sensors. It would respond to the accusation that smartwatches don’t do anything smartphones don’t, with each sensor providing a different feature. Only one of them would be fitness related. That particular sensor would probably connect to the newly introduced Health app in iOS 8.

All of this is more than idle speculation. Other Apple sources told the WSJ that these plans are currently being finalized for mass production. We could start seeing product lines being released by the end of the year. It is an ambitious deadline, but given Apple’s need to create a new brand to rally behind, not one that is hard to believe.

If Apple does manage to create a more functional wearable device, it could once again push Samsung and Google behind them in the mobile tech game. Wearable devices are a hot new market, one with a lot of potential. With their focus on innovation and style, they certainly seem like the most likely candidate.

Though I am not a fan of current smartwatches and think they are a waste of money, I would be interested in seeing a more functional one released by Apple. Especially since it would be sure to have that sleek look they are so known for. It all comes down to features, and what they could possibly offer that the iPhone (and other brands of smartphones) don’t.

Source: WSJ

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